Unable to update leaders after recharter

Greetings. I am the committee chair for our pack. We finished or recharting process a few weeks ago, but in scoutbook some of our leaders are not there nor updated to their current Dens.

I went to my scouting and position manager, I cant update or make any changes. Is not even allowing me to reactive our current member coordinator so she won’t even have access to new applications.

Any ideas?

@LuisSuau you can post some BSA Numbers and we can take a look (no names)

@LuisSuau The Chartered Org. Rep. (COR) needs to use the Position Manager to change adult registered positions. However, the COR has the option use the Position Manager to designate a COR Delegate, which has the same permissions.

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@LuisSuau For your New Member Coordinator, she has 3 BSA member numbers and 3 Scoutbook accounts. We can merge her Scoutbook accounts.

Yes. That would be great.

For our COR, our Charter Institution changed the position so we just sent the council the information of the new COR.

Also, how can I update currently registered leaders (for example we have a few that need updating as a leader from one rank to another…like from Tiger leader to Wolf.).

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@LuisSuau - this will help with advancing the dens:


If you are referring to their registered position, the same process Jennifer described above.