Unable to upload camping log

Hello, I’m unable to upload camping logs on Scouting app.
Screenshot attached.
Using Pixel 6 / July 5 update.

@BrianWoods1 - the scouting app is only for parents and scouts and not the unit. There is no import of log files.

This I think is related to another issue of OrganizationGUID = Null - that is being investigated

Ok… just wanted to eliminate unit management via the app.

Thanks for response.
I am a parent.

Can you walk us through what you are doing? I didn’t realize it had this feature.

Entering activities under the Scout profile for this particular scout doesn’t work. She is a girl.
It works fine for my other Scout, who is in the same troop, but a boy.
Could it be a server side problem, i.e., the girls’ troop hasn’t had their database activated, or my scout hasn’t?

Like you said, they are different troops, not the same troop, but I don’t think that is the issue.

When you said “uploading logs”, I got confused. You mean making an activity log entry for your Scout. So, you make an entry, hit save, and you get the error?

Works fine for the other Scout.

Make sure the selector in the upper right corner has the correct troop selected.

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Looks like this might be the problem!
How do I get the troop added to her account?

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