Unapproved Den Showing up in Den List

There has been a Webelos Den 2 in our list ever since I became CC and got admin rights. I cannot get this den to go away if I approve and dissapprove, it still shows up (but as unapproved) in our den list. I saw something about maybe someone I can’t see is connected to that den that moved on, or dropped, but I see no way how to find out if, or who, and get privileges to take them out, if that is what is keeping it in my list. It’s not a big deal, just annoying. The last CC didn’t care and just left it alone.

Do you see anyone on the den roster? Typically this happens when a denner position is not ended, there is still a den chief assigned to the den or a Den Leader or Assistant Den Leader.

From any of my views, there is no one, leader, denner or cub attached. Is there another way to verify/check besides just looking at the den?

@JackShropshire In Scoutbook, could you go to the den page and get the DenID number for us? It should be near the end of the URL.


@JackShropshire We have asked the developers to investigate. We think that there is probably a hanging Denner or Assistant Denner position in the den from a Scout who has moved on to a troop.

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