Removing Leader Training

One of the Leaders in my pack was incorrectly entered as having completed BALOO training. Is there a way to remove the training entry, especially since this is such an important one and not something that can just be obtained quickly and easily?

@JeremyMorrow call your council on this

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Will do, thank you very much!

Yes, there is a way for the unit to remove training.

One of the unit Key 3 or the Unit Training Chair / Pack Trainer can do this. And you can’t do it for yourself.

Process -

  1. Log into My.Scouting
  2. Click Menu stack
  3. Choose your unit in the Organization box
  4. Choose Training Manager
  5. Left side on computer screen, choose Add/Search
  6. Choose tab Search Training next to default Add Training
  7. Choose the person from list by checking the box next to their name
  8. Click View Training at the top of the page
  9. Choose the training to edit by checking the box next to its name
  10. Click Edit Course at the top of the page
  11. Click Delete

I discovered this after entering the youth ILS-T to an adult instead of IOLS. I was really glad I didn’t have to get someone else to fix it.


Thank you, this is immensely helpful! I was so close, just didn’t get to quite the right screen. My DE is awesome and actually already took care of it, but I tested this and saw that I can do it in the future.

Truly appreciate your response.

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@DougWright Thanks for sharing!

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