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Unexplained Topic Closure?

Not that I’m upset, but I would like to know why this suggestion was closed. From my perspective, it appears as if @DonovanMcNeil closed it without explanation. My best guesses are either that bumps aren’t allowed or the suggestion fell under a “do not ask” category. Either way, I would appreciate a definitive answer so that I won’t repeat my mistake. (I know this is not a feature request, but this was the best place I could find to put it.)

You asked a question, several people answered the technical bit and explained what they did as a work-around, and you confirmed that you could get what you wanted following one of the work-arounds. Sounds like the discussion served its purpose; why should it stay open?

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@AlanEverett - I work in a data center for a company that holds a huge amount of information along with data from internal and external users. I honestly doubt that they would entertain the notion of modifying code to allow access to an unknown and non-verified entity - in this case code. Likewise, there are lots of bits of info on scouts and scouters that i am also certain that most of us to want being potentially exposed and made use of in any way other than the intent and purpose of the BSA.

I would also want you to take a step back from the project at hand and look at it with an outsiders perspective. If you create something that at this view is requiring more time and effort than necessary, is that something easily passed on to the next person, or would it be dropped in favor of a solution that can be easily taught and adopted. The idea of leaving a legacy… are you making it harder for someone to do your task ? (yes, for those thinking of IA2 this could apply. But certainly there are differences)

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Thanks for the answer. While I would have appreciated that when the topic was closed, now is still good enough for me.

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