Uniform and role for COR Delegate

Questions about COR DELEGATE:

  1. What leader patch is worn on the sleeve?
  2. What color epaulets?
  3. What are the duties?
    Jim Brown

@JamesBrown12 - that is a functional role not a registered position.

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Stephen is right it is a functional role so there is no patch
Epaulets do not change with position, they change with registration level, Unit, Council, or National
Duties, seem to be do the COR stuff on the computer that the COR is too old to do.

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James, not to confuse the issue but since I am currently a COR for a Troop and Pack. I also have over a decade experience at various Den Leader positions and as Asst Scoutmaster, so I thought I’d give my two cents worth.

  1. Sleeve Patch- there is a specific position patch for the COR. They are sold at the Scout Shop.
  2. The epaulets- As a COR I am a voting member of the local Council, so I wear silver epaulets
  3. The duties and responsibilities are listed in “The Chartered Organization Representative Guidebook,” 511-421, ISBN 978-0-8395-3118-0, 2015 Printing.
    Hope this is helpful.
    I am a registered Scouter and serve both the Pack & Troop as needed. A COR can be as involved as desired as one of the unit Key 3. I also serve my local VFW (Charter Organization) as their Scout representative.

Hi, Michael,
Thanks for the info about the COR. What I am asking about is the “COR Delegate”, who is appointed by the COR to do some of the tasks of the COR. I was the COR for many years until our Catholic Diocese in San Diego ‘pulled the plug’ on all Catholic-Chartered Units in our area. The new Chartered Organization has their own COR, who has appointed me the COR Delegate for both our Troop and Pack. So I am trying to get some clarifications on my new role. Do you have any other insights?
Happy New Year!
Jim Brown
PS: Which other Catholic Dioceses no longer allow Scouts to be Chartered by Catholics? I heard there are 3, but not confirmed.

There is no other insight. It is just an electric admin type of “setting”. You should wear the patch of your registered position. Committee member?

Sorry, Jim. I’m not familiar with such a position.
Like your unit, ours was dropped by a church a little over a year ago, necessitating the unit find another Charter Org. Our Council helped with the search and did a presentation at my VFW unit and found it receptive. My post commander and I are scouters from previous times in our lives (volunteered from a Tiger Cub Den Leader to six or so years as an Asst Scoutmaster- when my son Eagle’d), so I volunteered as the COR. I report directly to the post commander, and we consider the Scouts as a division of the VFW Post, that I oversee and represent to the VFW Post.
In my past experience with other Packs & Troops, (pre-COVID) I hardly ever knew who our COR was. I’ve tried to be active with our Cubmaster and the Scoutmaster (and Committee chair’s) which is appreciated. Seems Packs & Troops are always short on adult help. I’m trained in all positions and a Woodbadge graduate, so I work with the parent leadership and let them all do their jobs- but assist if needed- and it is appreciated.
I wish I could give you more information. In looking through all of my literature (including line charts) and there just is no mention of a delegate position. You might check with your Charter Organization and see what they want you to do and go from there, (maybe mentioning that a delegate position is an unofficial position and not recognized within the Scout organization literature?).
Sorry I can’t be of more help.
Mike Berry, COR, Troop & Pack 48 Mid-Iowa Council
Member, Emerick-Williams VFW Post 8879 - Valley Junction (West Des Moines) IA

@MichaelBerry3 - the delegates are functional roles assigned in my.scouting.org as aides to the key 3. It is not a registered position. There are key 3 delegates and the COR delegate

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Thank you, Stephen.
I learn something new every day.
Below is what I found on Scouting.org, after you mentioned what you knew. This seems to pertain to Scoutbook usage or similar functions -
Because this doesn’t seem to be something common within my Council I’m stepping back since I’ve exhausted my knowledge of what I have experienced.
Again, thank you for your helping James answer his question.

Assigning a Key 3 Delegate or other position in my.Scouting (myScouting)

Q. How do I assign someone in our unit to a position that can access more tools?
A. NOTE: This tool is available under the unit at http://my.scouting.org to Key 3 members (unit leader, committee chair and chartered organization representative.)
The person must be registered in your unit to be assigned a role with Position Manager.
A unit can have up to 3 people assigned as a delegate.
Allow 72 hours or 3 days for changes in Security Manager to take effect in applications outside of my.Scouting.org (e.g., Scoutbook, Internet Advancement, etc.)
Assigning Process
A unit Key 3 person logs into my.scouting.org and clicks on the menu in the upper left, then their unit, and the tool Organization Manager and then Position Manager on the left:
See the Functional Role section of the guide [at this link for more information on how to change functional roles. (https://skcscouts.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/BSA-Position-Manager-Job-Aid-for-My.Scouting-4-12-2021.pdf)
The roles that can access Internet Advancement are Key 3 Delegate or Advancement Chair.
Updated on February 4, 2022

COR Delegate is a functional role at my.scouting. It is not a registered position.

It is a type of electronic permission that Chartered Org. Representatives (CORs) have the option to delegate to another registered adult leader in the unit. Your uniform would be the same as your registered position in the unit.

You can read more about the COR Delegate at the following link:


COR Delegate is a role that a Committee Member holds like Advancement Chair. Wear the Green Loops and a Committee Member patch. Register as a committee member.

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