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Unit Advancement Chair with full control and all connections can't use Quick Entry for advancement

I am new to scoutbook and am my den’s unit advancement chair this year. I have “full control”, am listed as Unit Advancement Chair and a Pack Admin. I can go individually into scout’s advancement and approve things one by one, but when I try to use Quick Entry it says “You do not have edit advancement permissions for any scouts.”

From what I can tell from the training materials and videos, Full Control is higher than Edit Advancement permissions - so why can’t I use Quick Entry?

Should I ask our Packmaster to give me both full control AND edit advancement permissions?

Thank you

Could you clarify, are you a den admin or a pack admin? Please check your positions.

Then, please explain exactly where you are accessing quick entry. There is more than one way that can have different issues.

I am Listed as a pack admin and unit advancement chair. When I test out doing advancement on an individual, I can do it and get a blue check mark.

I’m trying to access the quick entry from the bottom of the page where the pack is listed - so it says “Pack 15” at the top.

Our scouts aren’t in dens right now in Scout book- it’s just one big list. I don’t think they’ve been using Scoutbook before- this may be our first year bc last year they used internet advancement.

Any help you can give would be much appreciated!

I have a green check mark next to each Scout and am shown to have full control on all of them in “connections”

I’d suggest putting them in their dens in scoutbook. The den membership controls which advancement they are allowed to earn. You can easily click the add den button on the pack page to create all the dens. Then, go into the den and click the reassign scouts button to move scouts into that den.

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