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Unit Not Listed In Transfer Option

Our Troop’s charter posted over a week ago, yet our Troop isn’t listed as a unit a Scout can transfer in to? When an Arrow of Light parent or a Pack Key 3 tries to transfer any AoLs into our unit they do not see an option for Troop 1140.

How do we get our unit to show up as an option? We were listed prior to Charter renewal.

Thank you for your help.


@JasonHuggins - are you a key 3 in the troop ? If not have a key three make sure that the charter expiration is now 31 December 2021, if not then the recharter has not been posted by council.

if recharter is not Fully processed Unit does not show and there are 2 levels of charter posting there is a PREprocessing and then a processing - it is the second that is needed


Jason, Check that this is still true. Since it appears that your roster has posted (I looked), if this is still an issue, ask your NCAC professional responsible for Tech Support to open a ticket with National to see what is up.

@RickHillenbrand I am having a related issue (I can’t say the same issue as Jason as I never looked into doing this before re-charter time). I am the Cub Master and have been trying to transfer 7 scouts to the Troop but the Troop is missing despite having been re-chartered. Both the Pack and the Troop are chartered to the same Org. The Certificates show January 31, 2022 for both the Pack and the Troop. Troop 0008 Boys Red Rock 03 does not populate when searching regardless if I used the number of the troop or not. Any ideas? Thank you for any help you can provide to me. Connie

Has the troop elected to accept online applications?

It sounds like you are on top of this, but leading zeroes stumped me initially. You need to enter them.

Thanks for the reply. I double checked and the troop shows a green check mark allowing on-line applications so I think that is correct there. Yes we enter 0008 when working with paperwork and on-line as a 4 digit number is needed.


1 – Is this still an issue today? (Or did it fix itself?)

2 – If so, can you provide sufficient details so we can research? (All involved units, their district, service area, council, area and region)



@Jasonhuggins Is this still an issue? This is not something I can emulate down to your local unit levels. If this is still ongoing, I would suggest you contact your council’s IT help and have them investigate and raise to national as needed.

Rick, thank you for your suggestion of contacting our Council IT person. I contacted our Field Service executive and she put in the word about our problem. After a few hours the problem was resolved. The number of available Troops went from 28 pages up to 40 pages.

I asked her what happened. She wasn’t able to say for sure, but the power outage and system reboot probably was the fix.

From what I can gather it seems an update to the system saying these units are good to go hadn’gone through for some reason. The power outage made the system reboot which probably triggered the update to happen.

Again, thank you.

Thanks Jason…. Good to know.

Things like power failures can disrupt the sync process, and sometimes even the subsequent sync won’t fix… requiring a manual forced sync.



I was able to get my part to work. Now, just waiting on the Troop to accept the new scouts. Thanks for your help!

We now have a new problem with an Arrow of Light Scout parent trying the Transfer option with their son’s account. Any idea on how to fix this issue? Thank you, Jason Huggins

OK – Let me know if you need further help….

@JasonHuggins Sid you contact your registrar to set the parent relationship? I’d suggest providing their my.scouting username and bsa member number.

I am also having this problem and nobody knows why. I’m the CC for Pack 1151 w/NCAC and 6 of my scouts crossed over. I cannot transfer any of them, including my own son. I checked and we are rechartered and it is posted. I also only see 2 of my 4 kids, and of course not the one that needs the transfer (ha!) any idea what could be going on? Was it really as simple as the professional putting in a IT Help desk ticket?


I’ve had success with asking the council registrar to set the parent relationship in scoutnet.

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We have not. They said they multiple times and each time we get the same error. So we just ask those families that have the parent relationship issue to provide me with a paper transfer. That seems to work.