Scoutbook doesn't show any of my units

Hello! I need help with an issue that started 2 days ago and I am not sure why. I have 2 member id numbers one with GYC and another with GGAC. My GYC is supposed to be the primary one. But suddenly, since 2 days ago every time I go to Scoutbook I have nothing, no units, no scouts, nada.

I made the discovery today that when I changed the primary number to GGAC as primary, then I have everything back.

But here is the trick, I am also council admin in GYC, so when I do that I don’t have any of the tools because is GYC number is not the primary anymore.

How can this get fixed? I want my GYC to be primary one and show all my units and scouts on both my.scouting and scoutbook like it was before.

My Id numbers are GYC:135450663 and GGAC:14189808
The Scoutbook ids were merged almost 2 years ago so I could have access to units in both councils with just my GYC id as primary. Everything was working well. It is not because of recharter because those were posted weeks ago and that didn’t affect it.

Thank you!

@scouter_marisol this is fixed - and yes this is a recharter issue - you will always have them being in 2 councils

or it could have been you switched primary in My.scouting for some reason and then logged into scoutbook creating a new user

Thank you Donovan. I don’t think is recharter because I didn’t have this issue last year. This year after council posted their respective units I am part of nothing changed on my profile. My husband is in same units, both councils and he didn’t have any issue at all. This issue happened 2 weeks after units were posted.

I did noticed a few days before the issue that my primary number was the GGAC one instead of the GYC. I didn’t make that change. I changed back to GYC and everything was working good. Then a few days later, Wednesday night, everything disappeared in Scoutbook under my the same GYC primary number. I thought it was a glitch or an update but nothing was changing.

Anyways, thank you for fixing it. I appreciate all you do!

Sometimes, with syncing between different systems, it can take a couple of days for everything to impact scoutbook. I’d bet it was something to do with recharter indirectly, even if nothing changed.

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