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Unit participant re-appearing

When they did an update the beginning of this year my son whose turned 18 on 12/4/19 reappeared in troop as a unit participant (please note not in member manager on troop roster) he was registered in a crew. We end dated hime and forgot about yesterday he reappeared as a UP again. id # 133673735


He appeared as a UP on your troop roster? Should he still be on the Crew roster?

Based on what I can see, he has a current registration as a Unit Participant in a troop and also a Venturing Participant in a crew.

he is still on the crew roster he is not on troop roster did not renew there as he aged out in 2019 has reappeared twice in SB this year as a UP he was never registered

Screen Shot 2020-11-05 at 2.49.55 PM

He is in troop - this is AKELA membership database

I just saw that when I went into my scouting he was not there earlier in year and never reregistered or had an extension ok guess its time to call registrar

who knows what happened

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