Unit Pin not displaying meeting location, instead charter org location

Unit Pin Pack 0070 Friends of New England Base Camp

Pin is displaying as at New England Base Camp, but unit meets at:
120 Richardson Road
North Chelmsford MA 01863

which is listed in my.scouting correctly.

How do you get the pin to show up in the correct locaiton?
120 Richardson Road
North Chelmsford MA 01863

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So it is the map pin location that is specifically at issue and is that location where the charter org is ? My thought is bring it up with your council and they can enter a ticket to National

Screen Shot 2023-08-23 at 3.39.59 PM

Have you changed this?

This is what is listed (see photo) which is correct, but the unit does not appear on the search results when you look for Cub Scouts and zip 01863. It is mapped to the Charter Org address instead (which is not what we want).

Oh yeah it goes off the charter Zip - I think council can send in a national Membercare ticket to fix that

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I’ll elevate this for a ticket. Is there a way that I can enter a ticket directly myself?

@RichardFriesner - nope your council has to

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