Unit pin suggestion

For unit pin. It would be helpful to have a field for meeting day of week. Many families look for open days in their calendar to add scouting. If they could filter on this they they could save a lot of time and make it easy to pick a unit to join

This could get complicated for packs. Not every den in every pack meets on the same night (except at pack meetings).

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@DiegoFerrara - i would have to echo what Charie stated. For packs this would not helpful. Our pack meets 3rd Friday but our dens meet at the date and time that works for them. I can also see an issue with large troops, crews and ships that utilize patrol meetings to manage the unit. If you want to pursue this further, please bring it up with your council and they can lobby for an enhancement but this is not the place for it.

And Scouters SHOULD be honest - but I could see some marking everyday to get the most hits

A current work around most units do is to add the day and time they meet to the free text. Not the same as a sort by, but gets the job done.

An optional field that you could sort by would be a great resource for AOL den leaders and their parents. It would help them schedule troop visits and choose a troop that schedule works for them. This is a simple easy thing that could help a lot with retaining scouts from Cubs to Scouts BSA.


Any suggested enhancements will have to be requested by your Council to BSA IT. I suggest you work with your Council professional staff if you feel strongly about these suggestions.