Linked but not shown as linked

I have a transfer scout, whose parents just connected to him.

The parent can see his scout’s record, but somehow is shown as not connected.
Please see the attached screenshot. This is what the parent can see.

Scout BSA# 137332498
Parent BSA# 137332499

Please check it and fix it if possible.
Thank you.
Rina Salaka

The screenshot you posted says “My Account” at the top, which suggests to me that the parent has logged in as the Scout – not the parent.

It looks like the parent created a my.scouting account using the Scout’s name and date of birth. The parent does not appear to have a my.scouting account.

I can change the my.scouting account so that it uses the parent’s BSA member number and other information, but I cannot change the my.scouting username.

Ok, so if you can change the scout’s my.scouting account to the parent account, the next time they log into the SB, it should show that the parent is linked to the scout, correct?

In that case, please proceed to it.
Thank you so much!

What might work better would be to have the parent create a new my.scouting account using the parent’s name, date of birth, and e-mail address.

This would keep the current my.scouting account (in the Scout’s name) available for the Scout when the Scout gets old enough to join a troop.

If you don’t mind, please change the my.scouting account BSA# to the parent’s #. I think at this point it’s easier, because the scout is still a Bear, he has 2.5 more years to cross over. Also I don’t know if he has another email address.

Thank you.

This is fixed, but the parent will probably need to log in to Scoutbook again in order to show up in Scoutbook as fully connected.

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Thank you so much!
I will let the parent know that we changed the my.scouting account BSA # to his.

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