Can I unsubscribe from "User just connected to his account on Scoutbook" emails?

I’m getting emails as our new members connect, which I don’t need and really don’t want. I suspect most of the other adult leaders in my unit feel the same way. How can we disable these emails (short of disabling all emails)?

If you have a Gmail account, you could probably create a filter to route them to the trash.

That said, I thought that only unit admins, key 3 & key 3 delegates got those emails. Do they go to everyone now?

What’s the subject line of the email (excluding any names)? I don’t think I’ve received one of those in a really long time. I’m a troop admin, but not a key 3 (delegate).

“Ernest Seton just connected to his account on Scoutbook”


Yeah, I only have those for adults and my own son.

Looking back, I suspect by members you meant parents. If that’s the case, I don’t even get many of those. Perhaps because we are letting the system sync users into scoutbook rather than creating them ourselves?

Also, it’s definitely only unit admins getting the emails.

I think you also get it when a Scout connects to their account.

To me this is valuable info to know a parent or Scout is now connected. We NEED them to connect, so this shows our hounding of them has been a success.

Sorry, to clarify:

  • “members” means parents.
  • Emails are going only to “Pack Admins”. We just have several set up.

I shouldn’t have to rely on external (e.g., Gmail) filters, but I appreciate the suggestion.

If a user doesn’t find this information useful, s/he should be able to disable it or unsubscribe. For those unfamiliar with setting up filters, you’re annoying them, at best, and tempting them to a full unsubscribe, at worst.

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