Scoutbook My Dashboard\Upcoming Events Filters Today's Events

Hey, I noticed on the Calendar view in Scoutbook, at the bottom of the page, under Upcoming Events, it includes today’s events which is great!
Under My Dashboard, under Upcoming Events, it only displays events after today. This is confusing as I find myself looking on the My Dashboard\Upcoming Events section for details about events that I’m going to attend same day.
Additionally, when you click on the event in the calendar view, it routes you to the upcoming events section on My Dashboard which is really confusing when looking at an event occurring today, since it does not show. I would have expected to be routed to the Event Page itself.

I assume I’m not the only one who has been surprised not to find the event which I know is scheduled and has not occurred yet.
If this can be done, I’m sure it would benefit a lot of people.


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@MarkFoote - now do you see a red text line above the short list of events in your unit view… weellll that is a clickable line. My best advice is to subscribe to the unit calendars

True, on the unit view, it links you to the calendar, and the unit view does not filter out today’s events.
I agree that subscribing is a great way to keep up to date.

However, my complaint is about the My Dashboard Upcoming Events, and the linking that occurs when clicking on events from the calendar view.

I have not seen this behavior. Is that for events that are today only? Past event? Future events? Are you a unit admin?

So I played around with the calendar view a bit more to understand the behavior. Here’s what I’m seeing:

When clicking on an event in the My Calendar calendar view, it depends on which troop I’m looking at. I’m involved with two troops and I assume this means the behavior is permission based. For my son’s troop (which I have no current leadership role, just a parent) I’m redirected to the My Dashboard page with the Upcoming Events expanded. If I click on the same event from the My Calendar page, but instead of clicking on the even in the calendar section at the top of the page, I select it from the the Upcoming Events section at the bottom of the page, it takes me to the specific event page.

When I select an event in the calendar view from my daughter’s troop (I’m a committee member) it will take me directly to the specific event page, which is different behavior. This is consistent across all events for each troop.

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