Scoutbook bringing up wrong calendar (admin for B and G troops)

I’m Troop Admin for two troops, 531 and 5351.

This is what shows up on entering the 5351 section

If I click on the event (Silver Spoon), I’m shown the proper page with RSVPs. I’m not uploading that because it has a bunch of names and that’s not the important part. I do have a screenshot I can share if need be.

If I click instead on “Upcoming Events” I end up on the 351 calendar, as shown below. Note that there are a lot more events than just the 1 that 5351 has.

@JamesDeibele - what calendars are selected when you cluck on the gear in the calendar view ?

Troop 351B


Scoutbook is doing what you asked. You have selected the T351 calendar to show. If you want the T5351 calendar, you need to select it as well.

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I appreciate the response but I am not “selecting” anything. I’m on the 5351 section. If I click the Silver Spoon event, I get the 5351 RSVP page. If I click the Upcoming Events link, I don’t get the 5351 calendar page, I get the 351 calendar page. There’s no way that 5351 should get the calendar page for 351 or any other troop. They are not the same troop.

I just checked and in the 351 section I get the appropriate pages.

When you click upcoming events, Scoutbook ALWAYS shows the calendars selected by the gear icon. Upcoming Events is specific to the user, not to the unit so whatever calendar(s) the user has selected is what will be displayed. This is the way Scoutbook was designed. It is not a bug.

OK, I think adding “for you”, as in “Upcoming Events for you” would make that clear. I understand that this is very familiar to you but I don’t know how anybody would be expected to know that.

Thank you for your persistence.

@JamesDeibele - that is why there is a gear to customize the user view of the calendar. Much of scoutbook is user centric.

The for you view is available on my dashboard

I’m helping the Advancement Chair, who’s the same person for both troops. As things stand right now, I can’t see 351 G events after they happen, only 351 B events. So there’s not a way to go in and mark attendance in Scoutbook at campouts for 351 G Scouts.

That might not be necessary because it looks that should be entered into Internet Advancement anyway. Is there any need for keeping attendance in Scoutbook?

@JamesDeibele - let me try to explain this again… USE THE GEAR TO SELECT THE OTHER UNIT CALENDARS. you will need to scroll down to see them.

Hey, why didn’t you say that before?


I’ve been telling the troop that a major reason we should be using Scoutbook more is the fast and helpful support that the forums supply.


Only hiking, camping, and service hours are recorded in IA. Also, only adults can do it for a unit.

We have our Scribe do it for the troop. The treasurer uses that info to charge scout accounts. Our advancement coordinator then uses it to enter miles, hours, and nights. Since recording of that info is “fragile”, having one person do it makes it go smoothly.

Thank you. The troop here was using a homegrown system for RSVPs and not much information was entered into Scoutbook or IA. Scouts Can Take Attendance - Scoutbook Knowledge Base tells me how I can give Scouts the ability to mark attendance.

I was thinking that there would be a headcount sheet and I didn’t want to enter it twice, once for Scoutbook and another for IA. But if the Scribes are doing it in Scoutbook then I can get that info for IA.

That’s going to take a while to get going smoothly but I think it’ll be worth it.

Thanks again.

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