All Troop and Scout Data Missing

Hello my name is Justin Miller from Berlin, WI Troop 673 and 6673
SB User ID: 10110144 , BSA Member ID: 132749780
I am the primary one that enters advancement and uses the scoutbook website for our troop.
Sometime perhaps in the last week, my dashboard is suddenly mostly empty.
I see my 2 troops , Troop 673 B and Troop 6673 G and they both list VFW Post 2925.
But the problem is if I click into any of them and click roster there are 0 scouts in them anymore.
And if I click even my own children, all their advancement are missing and set to 0%.
I’m thinking I somehow lost permission or got dis-associated with my troops.
I am assistant scoutmaster and advancement chair and John Emanuele is the scoutmaster.

Thank you

Your recharter has not posted for either unit. Contact your council to check on the statuses.

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A note that appears upon login to a particular unit that says “unit past recharter grace period, contact council” would be helpful.

In theory, no one would see such a note, because all memberships and positions should end when the grace period expires. There is a bug that allows some positions to remain as reported above.

Bummer. Our Scoutmaster had just said a week or two ago he got off the phone with council and that our charter was all good. He says he’ll have to call them back again.

Also just thinking aloud, I am also Webelos leader in Pack 3627, but I don’t see them either. Do they have the same issue? Thanks

To clarify, the two units I saw were the girls troop and the pack. I did not notice a past of present position for you in the boys troop.

Interesting yeah that doesn’t sound right at all. The Cub Scout pack 3627 is a different leader and she also has said that chartering was all done. And for the Boys troop 673 in particular I’ve been assistant scoutmaster for probably 3 years and entering in all advancements for all the scouts in it regularly on ScoutBook. Similar with girls 6673. I’ll have both Maggie and John call to try to get things squared away. Thanks

I was mistaken. I see past registrations in all three, but none have recharters posted yet.

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