Updated and Recommended Help Desk Process

In the summer of 2020, local councils assumed the responsibility for resolving technical questions and issues for volunteers. As part of this change, volunteer access to the national help desk (BSA Member Care) was discontinued. In its place, volunteers are encouraged to use two paths to address their questions and issues.

  • The first path is to search in the BSA Discussion Forum (https://discussions.scouting.org/) to see if the problem already has a solution, or if the various volunteers can help with your issue.

  • If the Discussion Forum does not provide a solution, submit a “ticket” to your local council for resolution using the following process:

  1. Document your issue as completely as possible including the steps preceding where/when the issue occurred.

  2. Please include information on both the browser and the type of device used.

  3. Include screenshots where it might be helpful.

  4. Identify the name, member ID (available in My Scouting), unit number, district/council names of the person(s) with the issue.

  5. Submit your issue with corresponding information to a professional at your local council. Consult with your District Executive or council registrar for the correct process.

  6. If possible, your council will resolve the issue or question.

  7. If additional help is required, your council will open a ‘ticket’ with BSA Member Care to address your issue.

  • To enable ticket info updates, have the council select “Request participants” and enter the volunteer’s email address.

  • Be sure to ask for and retain a copy of the ticket number.

  • If the ticket is inadvertently closed before the resolution gets completed, have the council contact Member Care to reopen the ticket or create a new ticket.

  • Be sure to retain a copy of the ticket number.