How do I talk to someone to sort out issues?

I need help with a scout who does not have advancement sync turned on. I am committee chair, but don’t have the ability to add his member ID number to his profile as the online troubleshooting suggested. I think my own permissions are messed up and I can’t even “agree” to be added to troop roster after being on the troop roster.

Yes, I called council office. They say “looks good to me” but don’t have the skills/knowledge to troubleshoot further.

Bottom line - I need to work through this with someone - can you help? Who can I call?

In Scoutbook > go to Scout Profile > Edit Profile > get Scoutbook User ID > and post that here and we can look

@AaronSpak You are registered as a Committee Chair, but your Committee Chair and Troop Admin roles are not approved in Scoutbook.

I have requested a position sync to approve them or you can ask another Troop Admin in your troop to approve your Committee Chair and Troop Admin roles.

THANK YOU very much.


His user ID is 1121870

OK I got the MID for the Scout in Scoutbook now - you may need to unapprove > Save > reapprove his membership for it to sync

It looks like it worked! Thank you.

Hello I am hoping Donovan McNeil you might be able to help me. I am the Adult Committee Chair for Troop 1533 in Fairfax VA. I have a duplicated scout.

His name is [youth name removed by Moderator for privacy]. His BSA ID is identical for both records in ScoutBook, but he still has two records.

One with UserID: 3326516
One with UserID: 1086929

Pretty much all other information is identical.

Any thoughts on how to resolve.

I am sorry I didn’t see how to start a new thread.

@GeoffreyMarin this is repaired for now - but make a note to remind me about the Scout in 4 weeks please to see if another tool is in place yet to repair one thing

OK, thanks for your help!

FYI, from any forum, such as Using Scoutbook - Scouting Forums, in the upper right corner there is a New Topic button that looks like this:


It looks the same on my android device, but might just be the “+” on some mobile devices.

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