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I’m a Council VP of membership, and as of a month or so ago, I could go into the Council Roster, and in the upper right there was a “navigate” link or something, where I could filter down to districts and individual units and see the membership there. As of the last few weeks, I no longer have that link to do that. Is this a glitch that can be fixed?


I suggest contacting your council’s staff member that supports volunteers with BSA tool issues.

Yeah, I’ve done that too. Council staff is stretched extremely thin, and honestly, half the time they just need to contact National Support for issues like this. I’ve heard that National Support lurks on these forums, so I thought I’d try to cut out the middle-person.

It’s really unfortunate and frustrating that volunteers cannot contact National Support any more. It just delays solutions and places more burden on councils. We literally don’t have anyone who knows any of this stuff except the registrar, and she is extremely busy already.

For reference, here is what my council staff person wrote back…

“I just went into my.scouting.org account and pulled up the council roster. I still have the “Select Org Level” button on my account to navigate to the districts and units. I do not know why you would not have it.”

So… I guess I’m left with nowhere to go. What happened to scouts being Helpful?

@ErikJohnsen Please ask your council staff person to take the request to National and ask that it be added back, because it was probably removed by mistake. When making the request, the council staff person needs to be as specific as possible in describing where the button is located and which volunteers (like yourself) might need access to it.

National removed the methods for volunteers to enter tickets. Council entering a ticket to national is THE ONLY method for many of these types of things.

Check your functional roles in the Organization Security Manager. A change there could have changed your access to data.

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I don’t have access to this, but our registrar said I’m currently listed as Council Membership Committee Chair.

Erik – even if you are “REGISTERED” as the Council Membership Chair - you need to be assigned the Functional Role of “Membership Chair” by a member of the Council Key 3. I personally suggest your Council Commissioner, or President, and ask them to give you this role. This role expires with recharter of the Council/District/Unit, so it needs to be set-up each year.

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My council office confirmed my Functional Role is Council Membership Committee Chair.

Do yourself a favor - check what BSA ID number they did that for — I have had it happen where a long-time Council actually ran another CBC which generated a new member ID for me. Took me a bit to figure it out.