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Troop Guide is not in Assigned Patrol to serve anymore

Troop Guide used to be in 2 patrols in SB. One is his patrol and another one is the one he serves (e.g. new scout patrol). Recently, Troop Guide is no longer belong to the assigned patrol anymore. That becomes very difficult to communicate between the Troop Guide and the new patrol.

It’s never been possible to assign one Scout to two patrols in the past – it’s been an often-requested feature. How did you have this set up?

Actually, we’ve been doing it for a while, too. In the Position of Responsibility, it asks what patrol the Troop Guide is associated with. Assign the Troop Guide role to the new scout patrol, and off you go! Two new scout patrols? Create two Troop Guide PoRs for your Troop Guide (or recruit another one!), and assign the second PoR to the second patrol.

I agree. Our Troop Guide is no longer showing up in either of our new scout patrols, although both of his positions are approved and correctly assigned. What happened? I used to take advantage of this all the time. When I would reach out to the new scout patrols over email, our Troop Guide would be part of the patrol and get the emails.

:crying_cat_face: Please can we have it back?

I agree that it needs to be restored. And I’d love for the patrol guides to be added as calendar invitees for patrol events too. But the former will likely be the priority as a bug. We’ll get it reported to the developers.

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