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User is blank

One of my ADL logs in to Scoutbook and sees nothing. Nothing at admin, not even his own kiddo. He’s cleared cookies and cache. I logged into his account on my end even. Everything seems right on my end, all the same as other leaders.

Nothing. Ideas?

has he tried Switch SSO?

Not sure what you mean?

have them login to the blank account > go to my account > click Switch SSO Profile > here they enter their information and login

Will give it a go. Thanks!

also have a key 3 look at member manger at so you know the BSA # associated with the unit - it sounds like he may have 2

Did the SSO and double checked his I’d nimber. Log on as him and still nothing. I’m at a loss!

Send email to - include as much data as you can (unit info, position user has, scouts user is connected to) - we have been seeing alot of these duplicate accounts lately and do not know why

That’s exactly what I’m seeing. When I log into his account, he has two dashboards! Thanks for the help!

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