Google Login bringing up "blank" account?

Member ID:14017047 - Was working fine a few days ago, but when I click on the “Sign in with Google” now on Scoutbook, My Dashboard is blank, barring “Administration” Can’t see my son, nor the Den I’m leading.


@RoeAdams - what do you see when you click on admistration

My Dashboard > Administration > My Account > Zero connections. Neither my own son, nor any of my Den.

@RoeAdams What is your current council?

Pine Tree Council #218. Pack 311

@RoeAdams I have merged your Scoutbook accounts. You should be able to access your den again in Scoutbook. I would recommend asking a Pack Admin to add back your Den Admin role in Scoutbook.

However, you appear to have 2 BSA member numbers in the same unit (pack) and council:

  • 14017047 - Current Den Leader registration
  • 110208167 - Current Adult Partner registration

I would recommend contacting your local council, because your Den Leader and Adult Partner registrations should be under the same number (because it’s the same pack and council).

Shouldn’t the positions be under the same BSA ID number even if they are in different units, as long as they’re in the same council?

Yes, thank you for the correction!

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No worries, @JenniferOlinger. I wanted to make sure I understood what the right answer was. It wouldn’t be the first time I had crossed-wires on how BSA IDs work.

Thanks very much for the speedy resolution! I’ll reach out to the Council.

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