Venture Advancement Entry Very SLOW

When we record an activity completed towards an advancement by a Venture Scout, it takes 2-3 MINUTES for each entry from the time you hit enter until you can do something else. It is painful to do any entry and I don’t have this issue in my Troop or Pack. Does anyone have the same experience and/or how do we fix it???

If it is the Ranger Award - it is because it is so massive

Definitely with Ranger - but I believe we also have the issue with other awards. I am checking with the Advisor on Quest entry. But from what you know - is it just a “live with it” situation? If so, that is really too bad and not helping the confidence in Scoutbook at all.

Quick Entry is better for ranger - have not played with Quest that much

What do you mean by Quick Entry?

Go to the Crew Page. Click Quick Entry then select Enter Awards. This will let you select multiple requirements for multiple Scouts on one screen. It is still slow for Ranger but must faster than doing them one at a time.

Thank you! I will see if the Advisor is using that feature.

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