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Requirement Entry Extremely slow for Venturing Ranger Award

I am assuming this behavior is caused by the large number of requirements, and it probably occurs in other places but are there any tips for using Quick Entry (or saving on a single Venturer) to make it not take 5-15 minutes to save a single requirement? The saving is slow for an individual and while using Quick Entry.

That Award is massive and takes a huge load on the processors.

Is there a plan to fix it? Not sure how Scoutbook handles it but I would’ve assumed since it’s such a JS heavy SPA that the browser would just bundle up the request via JSON and wait for a response. The tooling for Venturing has driven me to keep track of everything in Google Sheets since most of my quick entries end with a Scoutbook error and me not knowing what succeeded and what failed. I have offered in the past but will reiterate, if there is a need for developers than there are plenty of volunteers to help. Scoutbook is a great project, and just needs some help

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