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I have a Lion Scout who joined September 2021. It was a paper app as her parent didn’t want to pay online. She is still not in Scoutbook. National accidentally entered her as an adult, and that took a long time to fix, but she was on our recharter as a youth. Our recharter has been processed by council and she is still not there. I tried to add her manually and got the message “Lion is not matched to a Scout in your Units current roster. Please contact your local council.” I have emailed and called council. I have not heard back. Any advice is much appreciated.

What is her bsa member number (no names please)?

Her BSA Member ID number is 13901928.

@AmyJusta I see the Scout out of den in Pack 256?

It looks like the parent’s e-mail is on the Scout’s Scoutbook account – not the parent’s.

There is also a duplicate Scoutbook account.

Yes, that is us! We are in the Midwest.

Ok. I don’t know if the Scout has two SB accounts because of being registered as an adult first or because I tried to enter her manually two different ways. Either way, can you fix it?

Does it matter if the parent’s email is on the Scout’s account? I don’t think any of our Scout have their own email addresses on their accounts as they are all Cubs.

Scoutbook requires unique email addresses for accounts that have an email. If the scout uses the parent’s email, then the parent can’t use it.

I don’t see any reason for the scout to have an email address associated with their account. How do we change it so the email address is associated with mom and not the scout?

For a scout to log in, they must have a unique email address associated with their account. However, if the scout isn’t going to log in to their own Scoutbook account, then they need not have an associated email address. I think some of the SUAC members can “detach” the email from the youth account.

One trick that I used as my son started getting to the point where I wanted to encourage him to start tracking his own advancement (Webelos) independent of me doing so, was to take advantage of the “tag” feature in Gmail (which I understand several other mail providers also offer). By appending “+something” to the end of the email address (i.e. between the username and the domain such as my name+something, Gmail treats everything between the “+” and the “@” as a tag. However, Scoutbook treats it as a unique email address. So, my son could log in to track his advancement, but didn’t have his own email address (which many ISPs restrict for youth under 13 in various ways).

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@AmyJusta The reason you didn’t see the Scout on your pack roster page is because the Scout’s Scoutbook account was still set to “adult”. This should be fixed now.

I have also removed the e-mail address.

She is in our roster now! Our council registrar did call me back and fixed things on their end too. Thank you so much for your help!

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