Venturing Email Problem for an 18 year old

I have our Venturing Crew President who is 18 years old. He is trying to send an email to everyone using Scoutbook. He only sees the adult leaders. Parents and youth are not there. Yet my son who is 14 can see everyone and can send an email to all members.

Is there a bug with our Crew President because he is 18-21?

Or is there a fix?

See attached screenshot.

@WilliamKett - what shows when the adults in the crew select the email section

@WilliamKett I do not know if this will help, but we are going to try ending his position in Scoutbook, and then do a position sync.

Thank you. I did add communications VP to see if this would help.

Let me know when done.

Thank you

The next sync is overnight so we will need to check in the morning.

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