Adult Leader / Crew Member account issues

we have a Venturing Crew member in GMC 0592 # 1914. This Crew Member is also registered as an adult leader in Maine in their other Council.

The Crew member shows up in Scoutbook but their email is not present. I have given him instructions on how to add it but it is not available he says. He logs in and cannot see that he is part of the Crew - only the adult leader portion from his other council. He is missing all of the emails we are sending through Scoutbook.

Scoutbook ID 13351888
BSA Member ID:140365414

Can you look up the user JM (initials) and merge his scoutbook id’s so he can have access to both and possibly this will allow him to fix the email. his email is listed in his profile at

Thank you

checking to see if anyone can help me with this by chance. I spoke with the crew member today and he can only see his adult leader profile when he logs into scoutbook.

@WilliamKett taking a look

@WilliamKett this user is in 2 councils so they have 2 BSA #s and therefore 2 SB Users. As they are a scout in one and leader in the other council the SB Users could be merged to the Scout User, and the user would just remember to use Manage Member ID to switch to the other MID to take YPT for the adult position (and the participant for that matter). Or they can keep both and just use Manage Member ID to choose which account to log into. Both Users have the same email

Thanks - I see where you are sending him. I will have him go to manage member id.

Thank you