Venturue Award Show Needs Approval But Already Awarded

A Crew Advisor is trying to clear his Needs Approval Report. He has one Crew member (124394614) showing his Venture Award (Rank) needs approval even though it was awarded in February 2019. The Advisor has tried to remove, then reenter the advancement with no change.

Crew 54

When he goes to the approval page, there is nothing to approve.

Crew 54.2

What can he do to clear his Needs Approval Report? Thanks for any assistance.

I think it’s not uncommon to have something that is marked Awarded still appear on the Needs Approval report, since I’m not sure that marking something Awarded automatically tags it as Approved. It does seems strange that there’s nothing to approve when the adviser looks, but it still appears on the Needs Approval report.

Is there other stuff on the Needs Approval report that the adviser doesn’t want to approve? If not, what happens when he clicks Approve All?

Charley - Thanks for the reply. I’ll check with Crew Advisor.

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