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Venturing History reports

Earlier this year there was an option to generate Venturing History reports. These showed what requirements each youth had been completed for the different levels of recognition in the program. After several exchanges with the Help Desk trying to find this report I was told that this functionality has been removed. They told me to post here to add it as a new report. Not really a new report since the ability to generate was in the system at one point. Is it possible to add this function back?

I believe those are still in development… I don’t think they were ever released but I am checking with a person who would know

Hi, I can send you a copy of one of the reports I ran from Scoutbook in February if it would help

they are figuring it out - they just did a big report push and some lines might have gotten crossed

it used to reside under Scout Page > Reports? @JohnZollinger

no, I did not save the reports under my profile

What positions (including admins) do you have listed in the Crew? Is there a green shield by each?

I have a green shield and keys next to my name. I am listed as Crew Admin, Charter Org Rep and Committee Chair

Go to your crew roster, click your name, click your positions, click the current crew admin position, click update. Then log off, close the browser, and log back in. Did anything change?

I followed your instructions and I can not find the report. If I go through the Crew roster and select a youth’s individual advancement record it is Scouts BSA advancement not Venturing. Is the old report somewhere else in the menu?

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