View Scoutbook "as a parent"

As a Pack Admin, I often wonder what parents see when they log in.

I know they have different view permissions, so how can I confirm if something is showing up as intended for them? Or how can I be sure I am accurate in describing their experience when trying to help them troubleshoot?

I want to say I saw someone switch their Scoutbook view to a “parent view” from their admin account in a training session, but that was a long time ago. Maybe I am making that up.

I found these two old/closed discussions where this feature idea was basically shot down. But they were posted in 2019 and Scoutbook has undergone a lot of improvements since then…

So, is a “view as a parent” or a similar feature available and I’m missing it? Is it part of the Feature Assistant Extension and I just haven’t seen how it’s done yet? Or is the best solution still to create a fake parent account and log in that way?

Thanks in advance for all the help!

That’s only within internet advancement that you have to select what unit and/or which role.

Within scoutbook, you can add as many parents to your own children as you want. I have an extra parent on my son that uses a different email address than my main account.

The Scoutbook sandbox is also an option. You can log in as a parent in a pack or other roles:

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