Want to add second parent, search returns on results, try to add, says a person with her first and last name already exists

I don’t want to check the override box, since it will be a duplicate account. Is this still the “search is somewhat broken” bug? What is the path forward? This is a new parent to our unit and has no other connections in the unit.

Parents can make their own login (at my.scouting.org) then go to Scoutbook.scouting.org and My Connections - up at top in red there is a link to connect to their own scouts

Why can’t it find her? She has a pretty unique name.

If she goes goes to my.scouting.org, will that create an extra id number?

She will be able to connect as we will then giver her her scouts id to search by?

@Matt.Johnson is she already connected to scout in unit? Use Connection manager and then go to scouts connections and click name and click parent box. If she can already log in she can go to My Connections and do what I advised.

No, no connections in the unit.

Any thoughts on why search doesn’t work to find her, but when we try to make an account she is found?

Cause parent search is broken and has been for almost a year

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