Warning: Tentaroo csv file for Scoutbook may not contain completed badges


To start, I realize this isn’t an issue with Scoutbook or the Feature Assistant. I just wanted to post the issue here for visibility so others are aware.

The csv files from Tentaroo don’t currently contain “merit badge” lines for completed merit badges. In most cases this means you need to manually approve the merit badges, even if you selected to mark them as leader approved during the import. In some cases, it means completed merit badges are being imported as partials. I suspect it is because the counselors started to record the individual requirements in Tentaroo and then just marked the entire badge as complete prior to marking all of the individual requirements complete. I have examples where merit badges show “Completed” in the PDF report, but are missing requirements in the CSV file, resulting in incomplete MBs in SB.

I have contacted Tentaroo support about this and provided them with sample data and an example record for a completed merit badge that can be included in the export. I will report back here once they respond and hopefully correct this.

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