Webelos Super Achiever Award

There are several Webelos adventures that are marked retired May 2022. Many of our scouts will want to earn the Webelos Super Achiever Award. Should my scouts still need to earn retired adventures for this award? It doesn’t look like the patch has changed.

As I recall that is not an official award - rather it is something the ScoutShop just made up

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BSA official awards are here:

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but to answer question - I guess if they have earned all currently available and un-retired they earn the patch

My opinion

The emblem appears to be recognition worn as a “temporary patch”.
I would not expect it be included in the advancement and awards database.


The emblem appears to be a recognition for completing all Webelos adventures as a Webelos Scout. The number of adventures needed has varied over the years as the Cub Scouting program has been updated and changed.

It appears to have been officially accepted at the council level. According to the non-secure legacy site of the Viking Council BSA, now Northern Star Council, this award has existed since at least 2002. “Super Achievers” are mentioned in a 2013 Scouting magazine article.

This award is not included in the Guide to Awards and Insignia (2022 Revision). It is not listed as a special award you can earn in the Webelos Handbook (2021 Printing) or listed as an award at Awards Central on https://www.scouting.org/ (accessed 6/18/2022).

Status of Webelos Super Achiever emblem

It appears the “27”-shaped version of this emblem

is being discontinued by the BSA Scout Shop. At least one earlier version (pre-2003?) did not have the number of adventures or any adventure-related icons on it.

I do not know if BSA national will return to using a non-numerical recognition emblem in the future.



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