Welcome Email did not go out

I am a key 3 for my organization and have activated online applications. I went into settings and set up the Welcome emails by slightly modifying the sample text. I waited a couple of days to allow things to refresh. I applied online for my daughter and approved the application in my.scouting. I received an email as soon as the application was submitted with the subject “Registration Submission Confirmation”. As soon as I approved the application, I received another email with the subject “Congratulations! You’re Officially in Cub Scouts”. Her application ID is 200927056.

I never received the welcome emails indicating our Pack fee, etc. I checked and made sure that the welcome emails were still enabled in the organization settings.

What would keep these emails from going out? I want to eliminate confusion for new parents when we ask for the Pack fees after they have paid their national and council fees.


@JohnLowen did you accept the registration? or was it set to auto accept?

I accepted it. Auto accept is off.

I assume the “welcome email” box is checked? There’s a separate section above for fee explanations specifically. Is that also checked?

Yet more reasons why i will never sver ever go for online applications

Both checkboxes are checked

It should not matter - but did you use the same email as what you were signed in with?

Same email that I have associated with my Scoutbook and my.scouting account. I am two of the Key 3, ie, COR and Committee Chair.