Welcome Email in my scouting -> Organization Manager -> Settings

Our troop (T513 out of Canital Area Council) is trying to use custom “Welcome Email” in my.scouting.org → Organization Manager-> Settings.

I have setup the email that needs to be sent to cub scouts cross over, new scout or simply transfer scouts.

We have been using “Trasnfer In” to move scouts from cubs couts from pack to the troop.

However, when I talk to the parents who have “transferred” their scouts to our troop, they don’t seem to get any email.

Is there something that I am missing? I have welcome email, and it is saved. How do I make sure that this “Welcome Email” is sent to the parents when scouts/AOLs or new scouts transfer to our troop.

Sirish Pande
Troop 513

@SirishPande - i think that is for new online registration not for transfer

Thanks @Stephen_Hornak.

So, this not going to work for Cub Scouts then, correct?
Cub scouts either “transfer” from their pack to our troop, and we see them in invitation manager, and accept invitations; or we “transfer” them in.

Wondering if there is any other way of establishing “first” communication in my.scouting with new parents to the troop.

@SirishPande - that welcome email would go to a new application on line. You could make up a welcome packet and email that out external to scoutbook.

Do you mean to say
a. There is an automated feature in scoutbook such that anyone who joins our scoutbook gets the email
b. I have to send an email though scoutbook everytime someone joins scoutbook of our troop.

@SirishPande - option B please

@Stephen_Hornak Thanks.

@SirishPande - and do be aware the you are better served using email outside of Scoutbook due to the blacklist issues

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