When did the "Organization" area of the My.Scouting Menu change?

None of these specs are relevant for this post, but okay…
*1) Hardware: Desktop, MacBook Pro
*2) Ventura 13.5.2
*3) Safari 16.6
*4) Browser cache has been cleared
*5) Member ID & Council of person affected - multiple users

NOT reporting a bug – I’m just trying to figure out why Key 3 Leaders are contacting me (District Vice Chair, Membership) because they think they have lost access to their units in my.scouting. At some point, maybe within the last year, the Menu was reorganized. Now, there is an area called “Organization” at the bottom with a drop-down menu for selecting a unit. I share a screen and explain this, making me look like a genius. It’s not intuitive for everyone. This update might be a good thing to note right on the main page of my.scouting or in the my.scouting updates of this forum.

Maybe 2 months ago - at least

Here is a screen-grab of the announcement on the My.Scouting home page.
I agree it could have been a little clearer on the “Organization” drop-down change.

New Changes to My.Scouting
National 05/02/2023

The look of My.Scouting has changed. You will find the new landing page is redesigned offering a quicker connection to managing your account and profile. The menu is now displayed at all times and you can jump from tool to tool as needed.

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It really isn’t intuitive to anyone since menus don’t have drop downs / combo boxes in them. They just don’t. Well, except for the BSA. It should be a menu with a sub menu if they want it in the menu. Very very poor user interface since no one does it this way except for them.

Someone will need to get their Council to open a ticket to get this improved.

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