my,Scouting app - District positions menus not working on organization roster

Anyone seeing the same behavior? I noticed this behavior about 12 April 2021.

  • Primary positions menu arrows do not work,
  • Functional role menu arrows work in organization roster. (after being reset for council recharter)

App: my.Scouting - Android.
Version 6.1.20 build 892

I am not registered in a unit. Only as a district member at large and merit badge councilor.
App shows membership as active on home screen. (I have verified position end dates in roster.) > Menu > My Profile

using MS Edge browser:

Gender is blank. Council registrar has verified gender is entered in BSA membershiip databases,



I am wondering if this is a Google v.s. Microsoft graphics display. issue

The click character or image not showing for gender may be an ease of use in Windows 10 Pro and Microsoft Edge browser