Recorded eagle project (with dates and hours) and it didn't transfer to application

What is the intent of recording the eagle project for a Scout? My daughter just recorded her project in Internet Advancement. I assumed since the recording requires hours and dates, that those would transfer to the eagle application. They did not.

That is in the Eagle Requirements - once you date those it goes to app - the service recording is more for fundraising nationally than anything else

She dated the project, put in the hours, and saved it. It did save. It didn’t flow to the application. There was an API null value error, but I ignored it since it did save.

I am pretty sure it has never worked that way (though it could?) kind of - a leader would still need to approve it in the rank requirements though. Just Date Eagle #5 and that is what flows to app - not the service project recording

I see the issue with leader approval. I guess the request would be to make the eagle project entry require leader approval (like other single person activities). Once approved, have it flow to the application and the requirement.

If i recall correctly the eagle service reporting in IA replaced the scoutnet service hours and eagle project reporting sites.

Yes, it does replace them.

Yes, but having a single enterprise wise database, it would allow for single entry of the info. It is already in the Scout’s profile and the scout can fill it out (my daughter did hers). Then, it could flow to the unit like other requirements and allow the unit to approve. Then it would flow to the application / requirement.

@Matt.Johnson - i agree that would be a nice thing to have happen. I would guess then that the service hours would have to be entered as a singular data point, or in some way sum up multiple entries if dome that way. This would of course require that the multiple entries be consistent.

Having the entry of the project as an approval is a pretty huge change - having the date entered into the service entry system feed to #5 of the Eagle Rank as the complete date (as one way to enter it) MIGHT be more reasonable - then it is in the standard requirement approval system.

The data format seems identical. They both ask for the project name, grand total of hours, and the end date. So literally just linking of that info. Again, there would have to be an approval of the project entry for it to count for the advancement and maybe for it to be filled in on the application.

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