Which username to use after duplicate adult leader IDs were merged?

@jacobfetzer - you recently helped me merge two Scoutbook profiles for SB User ID:3464056 / BSA Member ID: 110223839. New question: what username is the parent supposed to use now? He tried logging in with what I thought the new username was, (removed) with the old password, but that did not work. The former working username was (removed).

Kindly tell me what username the parent should use to get into his Scoutbook profile and which password to use OR how to reset. The correct email that the parent is going to use in the future is the Google email.

The Gmail address is the remaining user name

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If he’s having trouble resetting his password, have him try the chat bot on my.scouting.org

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OK, I will reach out to the parent and him to try to reset it.

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