Parent needs to merge Member IDs and access My.Scouting

I have a parent who is trying to register as an adult officially with our troop. He has two Member ID’s but neither appear to be associated with a my.scouting account. His Scoutbook Member ID is 14300301 - this is connected to his son in our troop. He claims to have another Member ID 14296416 associated with his name but can’t access my.scouting with either. Would love some help merging his accounts and guidance on next steps to create and or access an existing account in my.scouting. Thanks!

@JackLum Both of these BSA member ID numbers exist, but they have different first names. (One is probably a nickname.)

Both are associated with usernames at my.scouting:

One is his e-mail address.
The other is the part of his e-mail address in front of the “@” symbol.

Does his legal first name begin with “L” or “C”?

I believe his legal name begins with L

Check that – his legal first name starts with “C” – he just responded

@JackLum Please ask the parent to go to and use the chatbot (“Betty”) to reset his password.

He should be using BSA member number: 14296416.

My.Scouting and Internet Advancement both have a “Preferred Name” data field where he can put his nickname.

@JenniferOlinger - his legal name begins with C and middle name L but he goes by his middle name. It appears that he definitely has 2 different member ID’s. I believe he has taken YPT associated with Member ID 14296416 but is connected as parent thru ID 14300301. Let me know what we should do and whether it is possible to merge.

@JackLum I have merged his Scoutbook accounts. He just needs to log in at my.scouting with his username that is not an e-mail address. (It’s the same as his e-mail address in front of the “@” symbol.)

If he needs to reset his password, he should use the chatbot at my.scouting.

@JenniferOlinger Chatbot does not work. It just keeps asking if i know my username. When typed in, it simply asks the question again over and over. I think there is a bug. Any other option to reset password?

@JenniferOlinger – now it seems to be working. self-corrected.

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