Who has access?


I’m a key3 delegate because I need access on multiple stuff in the tools due to my functions.

However, we have a training chair and I was wondering how we call allow the training chair to have access to the training reports for the unit, meaning trained leader report and YTP reports.

In fact, how can your Health & Safety Officer have access to the YTP report?


All registered leaders in the unit have access to the trained leaders and YPT reports

This is what a committee member is able to see:

and this is what I have (only focus on the pack):

I need our Training Chair to see the Trained Leader Report, Training Manager and YPT report while the Health & Safety Officer should have access to the YPT Reports only.

How to do that?

In my.Scouting, go to the Organization Manager or the Roster (either should work), then:

Position Manager → Functional Roles

Assign your Pack Trainer to the Unit Training Chair function role and assign the Health & Safety person to the Youth Protection Champion role.

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That is odd. My wife is a committee member in our Pack. She can see, and only can see, the YPT and Trained Leader report. Your screen shot seems to indicate they may not be registered in the unit. Do they show up in your roster as a committee member?

I agree with Matt. Have them check their registered positions under my profile. Also, they should check their member number and compare that to what your official roster has as their member number. If different, they can add the official one and make it primary under manage member ID.

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Going to ask a dumb question here… Are your committee members showing up on the troop roster in my.scouting?

my leader is listed in the roster and in the functional:

She volunteered on Saturday so did not complete her position specific training yet and will be switched to a committee member at recharter as well.

However, that should have no impact to the menu, right?

When she clicks the scout logo (top left corner) nothing is displayed at all, both on the computer and the mobile device.

I think it does have an impact on the menu. When you switch them to committee member they should get the right menu.


@NicolasRietsch Did you just add the Unit Training Chair functional role today? If so, you will need to wait for an overnight process to run. I would recommend having her check again tomorrow.

Every registered leader has access to the training reports. This individual has two different my.scouting accounts and two different bsa member numbers. That is the issue. The Birth day and month are the same, but the year is different. The other bsa member number is 13460323. Work with your registrar to get that straightened out first.

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It’s all sorted now.

Thanks for the information on the functional roles that needed to be added.
I also had a ID merge issue but that’s sorted as well.
It’s ALL good now

Thank you

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