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Whoops error

When attempting to access needs purchasing and my pack there is a whoops. I can access the troop though.

I can’t even get that far before I get the “Whoops error” this morning. I get that as soon as I click on My Dashboard.

@Stephen_Hornak - Stephen what server - everything is fine for me on AWSWEBSCTBK3C


Is this happening when you click Needs Purchasing, switch between units on the Needs Purchasing report or something else? Do you know what time this happened so we can ask Dev to look at logs?

The whoops occurred just prior to my post and it was accessing it from the dashboard and not unit specific. The server is AWSWEBSCTBK3C. I will note that the issue has cleared and I now suspect a poor wifi connection but advisable to check the logs.

The developers found the Whoops in the logs. There were query timeouts on the Needs Purchasing report from 4:01 AM to 5:47 AM Central.

Thanks Ed - here I thought I was going to have to kick the router and extenders…that will save my toes.