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Why are only some Leader DOB's populated?

I often need leader DOB information to create summer camp rosters. I would like to use Scoutbook to get this information, but only some of the leader records have this information. What causes this field to be populated or not? Also, even if I select Leaders and DOB on a print roster, no DOB’s show for Adults. The only way I know to get it is via export.

I imagine that is a registrar data entry issue. Or maybe it was left off some apps?

I don’t think councils can process the apps without the DOB, because I think DOB is required for the criminal background check.

I bet the data is not added to AKELA until after that happens - I have had an adult applicant get flagged by check before and council contacted us. Or it is old leader data that is user entered.

The DOB will not be present for leaders who were added manually unless you manually add it. The sync does not update existing member data in SB (other than member number sometimes).

It would be nice to know what sync is supposed to update (and what it actually updates) Does this mean that if I add a parent who later becomes a leader, we will not have access to their birthdate in Scoutbook unless they add it to their record themselves?

Generally, the sync only brings in new records and does not update existing member records.