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I am seeing a descrepancy in the DoB for one of our scouts between My Scouting Member Manager, Internet Advancements 2.0, and Scout Book. The reason I’m writing this message is to understand how the different systems are connected. My assumption is that at least Internet Advancement 2.0 and Scout Book are using the same database and therefor should not have differences in fields such as DoB. I don’t know how Member Manager is related to the other two data sources. If someone can shed some light on how the data flows through all these systems I would be greateful as it would help me know what to do when we find this kind of error and how to avoid it in the future.

The aforementioned Scout has a DoB in Member Manager of March 21st with no year visible and this field is not exportable so I can’t verify the DoB in this system. In Scout Book the DoB for this Scout is July 21st 2001. In Internet Advancements 2.0 the DoB does not show but in the roster view it shows the Scout’s age as 15 which is not correct for either of the two DoBs in the other two systems, one making him 17 and the other 18.

I can confirm that all three systems show the same BSA ID so this is the same scout and the name is not common so I don’t think we’re mixing up scouts.

I’m about to do an audit between all of these systems to see how the data is drifting.


well that should not be happening - I think the best course of action is to send an email to giving them as much detail as you can - when you get the Auto Reply with a Ticket ## probably good to post here so SUAC can monitor it

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Actually send to too as I know it does generate a ticket

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Thank you Donovan, I’ve notified both support email addresses with the issue and details on the Scout.


Although Scout Book support responded immediately (ticket opened/closed) it didn’t bear fruit. My Scouting hasn’t responded yet so after a day or two I’ll check back with them. SB was willing to update the scout record in SB to match “council records”. The statement from SB support is that “everything syncs from council”. I’m about to check my council “Transatlantic Council” to see who manages the data there.

Since I now know that Scout Book is not the source of trueth, which of the other two systems, Member Manager ( or Internet Advancement 2.0 is? Do either of these two represent council records or is the council database another source?

If everything syncs from the council, should I request my changes with the council and expect that the other systems will update automatically or do I need to contact each system seperatly to make changes? Does each council have their own database? If the scout is coming from another council into ours, does a change have to start with the council where the scout was first registered.

Is there a national database on top?

I may be going down a rabit hole. My main concern is the scout’s “official” transcripts and making sure this is correct so at the time of Eagle application everything is in order and the scout is not impacted.

Thanks for any insights you can offer


it all should match - what is the Ticket # they sent you?

Incident SSD-72399

I should mention that SB updated my scout’s SB record to match “council”. They did this without my asking for a change and I did not tell them which of the DoBs were correct, if any. The fact that I knew the scout’s BSA ID maybe was enough for them to act on, I don’t know. I asked them to revert the change they made and they said they did.


The DOB in Akela, which comes is populated by the registrar when they enter the data on the application, is considered the “golden” record for DOB. Unfortunately, Member Update does not change the DOB in Scoutbook when a change is made in Akela.

You can see the DOB from Akela when you look in Member Manager in If this is incorrect, you need to contact the council registrar to fix it, then contact and ask them to update Scoutbook to match Akela (assuming they are still different)

Thank you Ed. So DoB does not sync from member manager ( to SB and member manager is the council record. Does a change like DoB in Scout Book flow into Internet Advancements? Does support for Internet Advancements go to scoutbook support?


The DOB field in Scoutbook is locked and can only be changed by

Scoutbook and Internet Advancement have different Member Care teams.

OK here is PART of what happened @LorenzoDa_Ponte

The Scout was in SB before the Member Update process started with a DOB that was different than in AKELA. MU is supposed to verify and Update and that did not occur. Still waiting to hear on why it was different in MM.

Thank you for looking into this.


Thank you, do have the support email address for Internet Advancement 2.0? Didn’t find a link in the IA page itself or the FAQ.



Internet Advancement member care is

We have requested Member Update be fixed to pull the DOB into Scoutbook from Akela. We do not know when this will be completed but it will be announced in the Scoutbook Change Log

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