Why can't I search by SCO- reference?

I’ve just watched the latest Cub Chat Live! video and they showed a document of the changed course modules that need to be retaken by adult volunteers.

Why can’t I seach training.scouting.org by the reference? For example, one module that I need to retake with the new information is SCO-454 Cub Scout Uniforms - but I can’t find that individual course using the SCO-454 reference.

If I search by Cub Scout Uniforms I can see it under the CS-19 reference, but the thumbnail has no information if that is the new one or not, only that I took it last year…

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@BenSamways One way you can see is to log in to your account at my.Scouting, and then:

  1. Click on “My Training”.
  2. Click on the “Requirements” tab (on the left).

There you can see the course names and numbers based on your registered position(s).

this really needs to be changed so it can be quickly searched. Yeah sure i could click 5-10 times to find what i need or i could type the reference code and click twice and be watching the training. Lets Make it EASY, FUN, and Simple.

@RobertWillhelm - reach out to your local council to request an enhancement to the training systems.

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Unfortunately, @RobertWillhelm, as @Stephen_Hornak pointed out, the training and my.scouting folks only accept enhancement requests via the council professionals. They (councils) also have the ability to follow-up on those sorts of requests via their own channels, which aren’t available to the SUAC volunteers here.

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well, thats dumb. I feel if i ask my council to do anything they will ignore it. They already take 3 months to a year to process adult applications. if I ask them to do anything more complicated then that they may melt down.