Training Catalog does not show course code and it not searchable by course code

In an effort to continue periodic training, I would like to be able to take the courses suggested to me by the course code, such as SCO_471

The new training platform (BSA Learn Center) only lists courses by name and does not include the course code as it used to.

Can the course code be added to the name of the course and also be a searchable item.


This is a good suggestion. The curriculum lists the course numbers, the training training record lists the course numbers (but not names), but when my record said I was missing some code, I turned to google to see what I was missing.

It would be simple, add the code in the twisty that has the details on the module.

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1 1/2 years later and I have the very same issue. Where do I look up the course names given the course code listed?

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Course codes are on this page:

Thank you for that solution.