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Why does it take 120 days to remove SOME counselors from MBC reports?

My registrar just completed recharter. We had a number of MBCs who actively said they NO LONGER WANTED TO CONTINUE and so she removed them from MBC status (no longer code 42 on their record).

SOME (not all) of these people still appear in Scoutbook and in the my.scouting reports (specifically the council merit badge counselor listing). When she asked national help desk about this, she was told that it would take up to 120 days for them to be deleted.

This seems contrary to policy (they are no longer valid MBCs, their registration as an MBC has expired), privacy policy (they’ve asked not to be listed as an MBC but we’re still showing them in SB), and just general good sense. It’s also quite odd that only SOME of the counselors still appear in the listings.

Does anyone know why this is broken and how it might be fixed faster than 120 days?


It’s not really broken. It is function of how the system was implemented. The system normally gives a 60 day “grace” period after a MBC registration expires. This is to provide time for the councils to contact and process members renewals without breaking the Counselor/Scout link in ScoutBook. The expectation is that most counselors will renew for another year. I believe that due to several issues, the grace period was extended to 120 days, for this year only.

If you want Counselors to be removed immediately, I believe the registrar will have to manually expire their membership at least one day before their annual experiation date. I believe this will cause them to immediately be removed from the list.



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