Why does Scoutbook list a required rank element as option/not required

For the Arrow of Light, when clicking on the “Watch the Protect Yourself Rules video for 5th Grade, Arrow of Light.” it displays the following message:

“This requirement is optional and is not required because (Scout’s name) has already fulfilled enough requirements in the series.”

Why is Scoutbook giving this prompt? My understanding is that they must do the video each year, even if they have already watched it recently to earn the Webelos rank or did it in the Protect Yourself Rules adventure as part of the Webelos rank requirments, before working on Arrow of Light. Why is this programmed into scoutbook?

Could you provide a screenshot (being sure not to include any names)?

perhaps a BSA # as well so we can look at scoutbook account status

I was able to replicate that message when the entire protect yourself rules adventure for aol is complete. That adventure includes said video, so there’s no need to watch it again.

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Right, that is how it exactly how it is happening for me too (they’ve already done the protect yourself rules adventure). The thing is, the Protect Yourself Rules adventure was done in 4th grade as part of earning the Webelos rank. They are now in 5th Grade going for the AOL rank. So, the protect yourself rules adventure, as well as the video, and pamphlet exercises all essentially are ‘reset’ in Scoutbook for the AOL rank. Some people think they will need to do these items again as part of earning AOL rank, even though the actual program is an 18 month program. If that is true I wasn’t sure why it was showing as optional in Scoutbook. Are you saying that this is not an error in Scoutbook, but that completing the Protect Yourself Adventure during the Webelos time once satisifies the video requirment for both ranks?

SB user id: 10256815 shows an example of this. BSA # 13394675

There is a separate protect yourself rules adventure for Webelos and Arrow of Light. Is it possible, the wrong one was marked complete last year? Or maybe they already did it this year?


Thank you for the rank chart. I’m aware of what it says, though this question is really specific to why Scoutbook is programed to show this. Either its right (which may not be the case given the rank chart) and it is optional, or it is an error and should be removed from programing in Scoutbook at some point in the future, which is why I’m bringing it up here.

While it is possible, this isn’t what has happened. In all the instances (and it isn’t a one off, it’s happening with multiple scouts) they have completed the Webelos Protect Yourself adventure, not the arrow of light. I’ve verified this in Scoutbook.

Can you provide the screenshot?

ETA, a screen shot of the AOL rank page would help.

@NathanMelton - i would gather you have the slider set to working on AOL for all of these scouts

I do not know what that means. All these scouts have already earned the Webelos rank. I entered all that under the Webelos advancement section in Scoutbook. Now under the AOL advancement section in Scoutbook is where the screenshots I have posted are coming from. The Protect Yourself Adventure is checked off and completed in the Webelos rank section.

@NathanMelton trying to replicate this - do you have a moment for a screenshare?

I’m seeing the bug now.

If you send me a link I can do a screenshare. Though I noticed that your message was before Jacob said he sees the bug now, so maybe not needed?

Yeah if Jacob has it (on a few scouts) we should be good - for the life of me I cannot get it to fail LOL

Thanks for reporting it and being patient with us. Some of these are tricky, and we have to rule out the possibility of user error, too. I can’t believe no one has seen that one before.

No problem. Glad to report it so hopefully it won’t cause any confusion for folks in the future.

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