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Is there a timeline to allow for changing the position of adult leaders online? It appears that you can make the changes sort of halfway. You can end the current position and start a new position for the adult. However, this does change the training reports, or the position noted in some reports. I really don’t understand why this was only half completed.

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I’m not entirely sure I understand the question. I assume you’re changing the positions in Scoutbook? It’s not that things were “half completed”. Scoutbook was originally a non-BSA self-contained web application, and isolated from the actual BSA databases. As a result, individual adults could be set to have any position you wanted them to, irrespective of their actual registered position. Scoutbook also had independent records of training, which could reach out to the BSA database (read-only) for “verification” by essentially using the lookup training feature by BSA ID. It was never a true integrated system with the BSA databases. Editing adult leader positions in Scoutbook is the equivalent of changing the patch on the adult’s uniform blouse. It doesn’t actually change how they’re registered with the BSA. The actual registration is what’s reflected in many of the reports, as well as in all of the training reports. It’s more closely correct to say that the ability to assign/change leader roles in Scoutbook is a vestigial feature from when Scoutbook was independent. I would argue it’s a valuable feature, for reasons I go into at the bottom, and therefore should be retained.

After the BSA purchased Scoutbook, they’ve slowly been either removing features from Scoutbook and moving them into IA2 (e.g. activity logs), or replacing them with a link to the data at (e.g. training reports). The BSA will soon require that only BSA-registered adults be part of the adult leader roster in Scoutbook. There has never been any announced intent to permit changes to the registered positions of adults through the Scoutbook interface. Until quite recently, such changes required a hard-copy application in most councils. I suspect that changing actual registered positions through Scoutbook is not a “coming feature”, based on the fact that it has now been implemented in the digital applications interface.

I anticipate, although it hasn’t yet been announced, that at some point the BSA is going to try to compel the “functional” positions in Scoutbook to match the registered positions in, based on the character of the changes that are already being rolled-out. Personally, I think that this would be a very bad strategic decision, since units often have a single registered adult serving in multiple roles (e.g. as a MC and ASM when registered solely as an ASM) in order to execute functions in Scoutbook that are associated with particular functional roles (e.g. ASM also assigned as Unit Secretary to edit the unit calendar) without having to assign blanket permissions (e.g. Unit Admin) in order to accomplish a limited goal. If the BSA decides to enforce through software the IMHO misguided existing mandate that one adult only hold one registered position in any given unit (barring COR also serving as an MC), I anticipate that many units (particularly smaller ones or those with high adult leader turnover) will have operational issues develop. It’s likely not a problem for units with a dozen or more active ASMs and MCs. I can see it being an issue for packs where the same person functionally wears the CM and DL hats, but is only registered as CM (because a CM is required and they have enough DLs to meet the minimum requirements to recharter). Similarly, for smaller troops (or more precisely troops with smaller numbers of active registered adult leaders or with a heavy bias toward either MCs or ASMs), I can see there being issues.

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If done correctly, or selectively, it could help things. I would vote for immediate hard one-way sync for the key 3 and advancement coordinator. That would resolve many of the issues (that were of the BSAs own making). This two system loosey goosey really makes thing harder.

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Thanks guys, but I was sort of hoping for a reply from someone that was working on the system.

Maybe I shouldn’t have said that it was half complete, but I was trying to be kind. In truth, the Scoutbook / system is only about 1/3 complete. You can almost do this, and almost do that. This can be done here, but that only feeds in partially. In all, it looks like something done as a high school project not a multi-million dollar corporation. This and black-pug are an embarrassment.

I had an adult register online. That went well, except she didn’t put in a position. Now she has to fill-out a paper copy so the position can be changed. That is blanken stupid. It make the organization look like it’s ran by a bunch of idiots.

Sorry about the rant, but I love Scouting and it really upsets me seeing them shoot themselves in the foot again, and again and again…


If there was no position code on the original registration, the system should have rejected it if it was done electronically or the registrar should have kicked it back to the unit. All adults must be registered in a position, there is no option to be registered without a position.

If you post her BSA Member ID here (we don’t need anything else) we can look at her registration in Akela to see how she is registered.

Until very recently, no adult could register online. All adult registrations required a paper application. I suspect the BSA will eventually add the ability to register for a new position electronically. The BSA has limited dollars to spend on IT, especially during bankruptcy. The SUAC has no knowledge of development plans for registration tools, so this is only my opinion. The BSA does not monitor these forums and any volunteer that knows the plans will not be able to reveal them due to non disclosure agreements.

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Thank you for your reply. The application number is 200276847.
The position on the application review says: “Not assigned”. I assumed that means she didn’t select one. However, if it means that she hasn’t been assigned one because she hasn’t been approved, then that wording should be changed. Since that is on a review screen for the application I would suggest that it show that position put on the application and a note stating they have not yet been assigned to that role.

I have to say that I am really disappointed that BSA is not officially monitoring these forums. They are pushing Scoutbooks for all parts of scouting. It makes no sense they wouldn’t want the feedback that this forum provides. But I do know that every time that I get involved in scouting beyond the district level I end up swearing.


This is not a Scoutbook application. The SUAC does not have contacts that deal with other BSA systems. I suggest that you provide your feedback to your local council as they are the primary support channel for all BSA systems other than Scoutbook.

The SUAC monitors the forums and provides feedback to the BSA for Scoutbook, Internet Advancement, the Scouting App and Den Leader Experience.

Thank you for your help,
I have provided feedback to the council. Their response is similar. They handle their side and the SUAC handlers their side. Meanwhile, the users are stuck in the middle.

I will continue to send feedback to the council. Perhaps if you also pass it along from your side we can get a unified system in place.

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Your Council is supposed to provide support for all BSA tools, including Scoutbook. They have contacts at National for issues they need help with. There is also support via the forums, but for issues like this registration, your Council is primary.

If you can provide the BSA Member ID for this user, we can look it up, but there is nothing we can do if the adult is not registered properly.

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